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'A Lily Amongst the Thorns', Why Shavuot is the holiday with Flower Power. Forward. May 25, 2001.
A Prayer Centers Worried Worshippers in the Weighty Days of Awe. Recited Morning and Evening for a Month, David's Psalm 27 Echoes Moses' Quest to See the Divine Presence. Forward. September 7, 2001.
Abstention from Meat During the Nine Days: The Evolution of the Custom. Le'ela no. 51. June 1, 2001.
Academia vs. Israel. The Jewish Sentinel. May 24, 2002.
Activists Protest Conference: U of Michigan event seen as promoting hatred not dialogue. The Jewish Sentinel. November 8, 2002.
Afikoman: The Dessert with a Spiritual Message. Forward. March 30, 2001.
Cementing the Covenant. Forward. September 7, 2001.
Costume. Reader's Guide to Judaism. January 1, 2000.
Dark Meat. New York Times. August 6, 2008.
David and Bat-Sheva: A Close Textual Analysis. Beloved Words: Milin Havivin. June 1, 2005.
Deafening Silence in Riverdale: Its time for local Muslim leaders to answer the tough questions. The Jewish Sentinel. October 11, 2002.
Dietary Laws. Reader's Guide to Judaism. January 1, 2000.
Does God Grant Absolute Forgiveness. Forward. August 10, 2001.
For a Feminist Chanukah, Eat Cheese and Remember Brave Judith. Forward. December 15, 2000.
Investigate the City's Commission on Human Rights. The New York Sun. January 28, 2003.
Not in Our Neighberhood: PLO's Park Avenue Office Must Go. The Jewish Sentinel. August 23, 2002.
Quashing a Small Rebellion for the Sake of Community. Forward. September 8, 2000.
Responses to September 11, 2001. Jonas Publishing. November 1, 2001.
Tashlich: The Origins of a Custom. Forward . September 22, 2000.
The PLO's Park Avenue Offices Threaten All New Yorkers and Especially Jews. The New York Sun. August 14, 2002.
The Source of Apion's Blood Libel. Yeshiva University Research Group Journal. June 1, 1996.
United We Stand, Divided We Fall: So Send Those Goodies Along, You All. Forward. March 2, 2001.
Why We read the Book of Jonah: A Fishy Tale of Repentance on Yom Kippur Afternoon. Forward. September 29, 2000.

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